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  • Glass restoration and removal on construction site
  • Glass scratch removal for housing association
  • Acid etching and glass repair
  • Stainless steel and scratch removal

Professional Glass Restoration

We give our technicians the very best tools, consumables and training, but it is the man on the tool is the absolute key to our success!

Our glass restoration technicians are skilled craftsman. They have to be, because glass damage repair depends on their passion and eye for detail to deliver a consistently high quality result. We save time, money and reduce the inconvenience for our clients (we work 24/7 …which means we can restore with no inconvenience, according to your working hours).

We will try to bring your windows back to their original shine and transparency; remove deep scratches, mineral deposits, construction debris, cement and concrete splatter, etched graffiti, paint and even acid damage.

Glass surface damage may have occurred for (some/any of) the following reasons. Be sure to let us know at your first enquiry, so that we can offer the best remediation solution:

  • Scratches Hard or sharp objects can cause glass scratches either by accident or maliciously applied.
  • Graffiti application using paint or indelible ink are applied or etched into your glass surface; if they are removed incorrectly it could damage the glass surface.
  • Air Pollution Air Pollution Organic or inorganic materials or a combination of the two which may have an abrasive effect on the glass surface causing a drop in visual quality.
  • Contamination Contamination This could be as a result of building run off or sealant leakage which may have an effect on the glass surface.

In exceptional circumstances an unacceptable level of distortion may only become evident during or after treatment. If these happens, replacement is generally advised.

Please note that glass restoration involves the abrasive removal and polishing of a small amount of the glass surface. In exceptional circumstances some distortion may only become evident during or after treatment. In these instances replacement would generally be advised.

Construction Projects

Our experienced and certified glass technicians have vast experience of glass restoration on large construction projects, saving thousands of dollars restoring glass damage before the final handover to the Client. We will work quickly and safely to site H&S requirements, at height, on ladders/scaffold,BMU, etc. Our technicians hold certifications for working at height, confined space entry, first aid, scaffold erection and use of powered access equipment (PASMA) (IPAF), use of BMU’s/building cradles, etc.

We can generally have a crew on your site within 12 hours …or you can order new glass!

  • Fast repairs, no ordering, no lead times, no glass disposal issues, no crane and no fixing,…no trouble!
  • Glass restoration on construction projects and pre-handover restoration
  • Acid etching glass repair, weld spatter repair (depends on depth of damage)
  • Graffiti removal
  • Glass scratch removal for housing developments
  • Stainless steel scratch removal
  • Restoration on retrofit/ upgrade projects
  • cement and concrete splatter

Marine Glass

Yacht builders and owners understand that everything on a boat is high specification, and the removal and resealing of marine glass, is expensive, risky and time consuming.

  • Scratched glass windows, doors and portholes,
  • Polishing out of salt water staining that has caused dulling and partial opacity of windows.


Repair is far better for the environment than replacement

The manufacture of glass is a high-temperature energy-intensive process, comprising of sand + limestone + soda ash. These are readily available natural minerals. However, both limestone and soda ash expel C02 during the melting and manufacturing process, at the rate of 185 kg of CO2 per ton of new glass!

Types Of Glass:

  • Float Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Tampered Glass
  • Annealed Glass

Window Types:

  • Single Pane
  • Double Pane (insulated)
  • Triple Pane (insulated)
  • Low-E

You can find this in:

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Sliding
  • Hopper

Repairable Damage

  • Scratch Removal
  • Vandalism/Graffiti
  • Stain Removal
  • Remove weld and grind splatter
  • Polished out edge graffiti
  • Repair chips and cracks