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Q. What determines a deep scratch?
A. scratch the area with your fingernails, if you can feel it, then generally the glass scratch is considered deep.

Q. Can deep glass scratches and graffiti be removed?
A. Yes, deep scratched glass and graffiti can usually be removed, but the deeper the scratch, the greater the risk for distortion.

Q. Can window scraper scratches be repaired?
A. Yes, most of the windows scratches can be repaired.

Q. Does the Glass Doctor system leave scratches or that milky effect?
A. No, our glass restoration specialists will polish the glass throughout the whole process of removing scratches and graffiti etching.

Q. Will it work on curved glass? A. Yes, our glass restoration specialists are trained and experienced enough to handle different types of glass designs.

Q. Can you remove mineral deposits or build-up from glass?
A. Yes, we can remove most deposits.